Hello and welcome!

For those who don't know me, the name's Tiffany.

Wife to Randy..

Mom to Declan (and Alice, the cat!).

I'm a full-time working woman who loves to adventure, decorate, read, write, shop for steals, and drink a whole hell of a lot of coffee.

Why a Blog?

First thing's first: I love writing!  I'm always having to remind myself when posting my Instagram photos: "This is JUST a caption, Tiffany!  Shorten this sucker.."  Hard-pressed to do so, I inevitably (most times) cut it short to save everyone the trouble of having to click "See more" to read my rambles.  Blogging gives me a little more freedom to share those rambles, guilt-free, without cut-offs.  And whereas my other social media platform (Facebook) has been great for keeping in touch with family, it hasn't been great for keeping a positive-vibes-only space.  Quite frankly, I'm tired of seeing so much negativity!  So, Facebook and I are breaking up; permanently, once I get this baby up and going, and this will be my new space to share what all is going on in my life.  Hopefully you all, whoever is out there reading this, enjoy following along!



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