Thursday, July 5, 2018

Can't rain on our parade

Yesterday was the 4th and I can say with confidence it was quite a blast (pun intended).  Though we had a slow start to the day, we did take Declan down to the Doseum in San Antonio, a children's museum that he LOVES going to.  We are big fans of pretty much any museum, but the Doseum is great because he has the ability to do virtually everything hands on, as well as burn energy on the playground.  Win, win for parents and kids!

They had a new exhibit, which was a little trippy, but fascinating.  One part included a giant screen that projected images of objects children got to color and scan in.  The entry caught my attention; seriously.. floppy disks.. haha! 😂

When I'd had all I could take of little kids running around like cats high on catnip at 3am, we walked out to a massive storm rolling in.  Part of me worried because I didn't want it to ruin Declan's excitement for fireworks.  The other part was stoked because rain equals green grass and lower electric/water bill.  (Seriously, you know you're an adult when you see clouds rolling in and the first thing you think is, "Thank goodness I remembered to put out the fertilizer.")
We made it home in one piece and the rain let up around 8pm.  Then we played the waiting game for the sun to set so it could be dark enough to light off all the fireworks.  But once it was time, the neighborhood kids ran to our driveway and the party started.

I told him to give me his best Harry Potter pose

The fireworks were fun, the kids were happy, and nobody's lawn caught fire.  All in all, I'd say our 4th was a success!  


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