Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Making Learning Fun

It's been quite a while since I've really been able to share much of what we have been up to this summer, but that's mostly due to the fact that Declan has been away visiting family and Randy has been in the oilfield.  So, I've really not had much going on other than work and hanging out at home with Alice, the cat.  And if anyone has been to San Antonio or the surrounding regions during the summer, I'm sure you can understand why I want to avoid going anywhere; traffic is beyond ridiculous!  They're all goin' to the river!  Anyway, now that Declan is home, I decided to take him last weekend to the Witte Museum for the Dinosaurs: Predator v. Prey exhibit before we missed it.  It's one of our favorite museums, and never disappoints.  

Learning about dinosaur fossils discovered in Texas.

The best part of the Witte Museum is how kid-friendly it is.  The exhibits are put together in a way that make learning so exciting for the younger ones.    

I was so beyond impressed with how Declan was able to easily identify a myriad of dinosaurs that I couldn't even begin to pronounce, and was so proud listening to him tell other children and parents at the exhibits fun facts about whatever they were looking at.  After the Predators v. Prey exhibit, we decided to take another tour around the more stationary parts of the museum.  

Appreciating the arts.

Learning about early transportation in San Antonio.

Declan showing me where on the map we are.

The Witte is a museum that you can genuinely get lost in for hours.  We've been several times, and each time we notice something we hadn't before.  Or, there are things that we enjoyed so much from the previous visit, we just want to see them again.  Another thing I enjoy, especially when the weather is cooperative, is walking the grounds.  It's situated along the northern part of the San Antonio Riverwalk and is just a very peaceful place to hang out with your family.  

I don't deny that I am definitely THAT mom that takes too many photos everywhere we go, but it's hard not to.  

All in all, it was awesome being able to get out and share some one-on-one time with Declan again, especially before he goes back to school and our schedule gets a little more hectic.  We made learning really fun and got to enjoy everything before the afternoon crowds showed up.  This coming weekend, we are going to shoot for the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio for something new!


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